Drink a GLASS OF WATER every time you’re thirsty

You don’t need to be drinking Sugary Sodas or Sugary Juices.  Have you seen how much sugar is in those drinks.  So much sugar, which is not good for your health.  Your Glass Of Water has ZERO GRAMS of sugar and ZERO CALORIES.

Glass Bottle

Glass Bottle is better since it is neutral and doesn’t contain any chemicals.

Drone in the air while drinking our glass of water

We were sitting and drinking our glass of water outside until we noticed a drone in the air.  It was a real drone or most probably, a remote control drone.  Very interesting, our Glass Of Water hydrated us very well so we can actually see what’s going on.

Water Bottle – Benefits of a Glass Bottle




Yes, absolutely, without a doubt, a GLASS BOTTLE is much more safer in terms of GLASS BEING A NEUTRAL AGENT, having no release over time of any chemicals, deterioration, etc.  Plastic Bottles do have this effect as they are made of chemicals.  So, this is some education for you to consider when purchasing your water bottles.