Sodium Flouride????


Mining, Alluminum, Chemical Industries. Cities dump flouride in the water. Why do they dump?

Drink a glass of water

After visiting the water brewery, we picked up our bottles of alkaline water. It was great meeting some of the people there.

Today’s Glass Of Water




Drinking water daily is important. You cannot avoid drinking water. Your body is about 80% water. Therefore, replinishing your body with the number 1 ingredient of your body is mandatory.




Here’s your glass of water. Drink it and enjoy it before I drink it instead. Water is truly a hydrating liquid that is required for you body to survive. Your body does not need juice to survive.


glass of water 8 times daily


8 times daily in typically 8 oz glasses. Drinking water every 1 hour will keep you running to the bathroom more than you can count. Your water will be clear.

What are you drinking?




Coffee, Energy Drinks, Sodas, Sugar Juices? Where’s the water? Stay away from processed drinks that have corn syrup.